Saturday, April 3, 2010

10 reasons to say no to 96 teams in the NCAA tournament

10. The extra teams will make your bracket look like a Sudoku puzzle gone wild.

9. It means more Duquesnes, not more Dukes, get into the field.

8. The extra games will add nearly 300 more possible timeouts. Enough already.

7. You don't want Cinderella teams. You don't. This tournament has been filled with upsets and the television ratings are down. You really don't.

6. It doesn't resurrect a season. North Carolina isn't going to win the NCAA tournament simply because it gets a second chance. A bad team remains bad. Just ask UConn.

5. Because the NCAA is nothing but a hypocritical mass of fat bellies. If it's OK for basketball players to miss weeks of school to have a playoff, then why not football?

4. The level of play in college basketball has steadily dropped over the years because of the NBA early entrants. What type of talent does team No. 96 have?

3. It ruins the conference tournaments. If the Big East is going to get 12 teams into the tournament under the revamped format, why watch. It's just for seeding.

2. It won't save a coach's job.

1. It ends the NIT. And if the NIT doesn't exist, what will we watch on the off days of the NCAA tournament?


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