Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Duquesne dropping 4 men's sports

Duquesne University is dropping four men’s varsity sports, a move that will shift more than $1 million annually into the athletic department’s other 16 sports.

Eliminating baseball, wrestling, men’s swimming and men’s golf will impact approximately 70 of the school’s estimated 475 varsity athletes. All athletes currently on scholarship will continue to receive their current funding until their eligibility is expired, or they will be assisted in transferring to other schools.

Four full-time coaches and one assistant will lose their jobs, although all will remain under contract through June.

"Focusing on and strengthening a core group of sports will maximize our ability to compete at the highest level, enhance the student-athlete experience and better utilize existing funding," Duquesne athletics director Greg Amodio said in a statement.

"This action is in no way meant to diminish the dedication, effort or ability of these fine student-athletes, coaches and alumni. They have contributed greatly to Duquesne athletics and to the vitality and history of the university."

Duquesne’s annual athletic department operating budget is $10.8 million.


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