Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Officiating crew almost cost bettors

Big East Conference officials working last Saturday's Louisville-Connecticut football game wrongly allowed the Cardinals to attempt an extra-point kick with no time left on the clock. The move nearly proved costly to bettors in Las Vegas who were backing the Huskies.

Connecticut was 12 1/2-point favorite at kickoff and covering the spread after Jordan Todman scored on a two-yard run with 3:13 remaining, giving the Huskies a 38-19 lead.

Louisville drove down the field on its final possession and scored on a four-yard pass from Adam Froman to Blayne Donnell as time expired, cutting Connecticut's lead to 13 points at 38-25.

The officiating crew then wrongly allowed Ryan Payne to attempt the conversion kick. Much to the relief of those backing Connecticut, Payne missed the extra point, keeping the Huskies a pointspread winner.

Payne should not have been given the opportunity to kick because of Rule 8-3-2a:

If a touchdown is scored during a down in which time in the fourth period expires, the try shall not be attempted unless the point(s) would affect the outcome of the game.

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