Friday, August 28, 2009

No Big East in BCS?

Tim Cowlishaw of the Dallas Morning News has five ideas for improving the Bowl Championship Series. At the top of Cowlishaw's list is dumping the Big East champion's automatic berth and giving it to the Mountain West champion. He writes "But the conference headed by Utah, TCU and Brigham Young is currently more competitive than the one West Virginia has mostly owned for the last five years."

It's amazing what one bowl win can do for the image of a conference. After Utah upset Alabama in the Suagr Bowl last year, everyone jumped on the Mountain West bandwagon, saying the conference is a major player in college football. Nobody was saying as much only a year earlier when Mountain West champion BYU limped to a one-point win over a 6-6 UCLA team in the Las Vegas Bowl. No conference that has Wyoming, UNLV, San Diego State, New Mexico, Colorado State and Air Force among its members can be considered a major player in college football. Utah is good. TCU can beat most teams on any given day but the rest of the conference is simply isn't very good.

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